Osti, Jane

Jane Osti is an artist, educator, and has been honored with the title of Cherokee National Treasure. She originally began making wheel thrown pottery and sculptures while attending Northeastern State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters of Science Education. She eventually met award winning Cherokee Potter Anna Mitchell who introduced Jane to Southeastern Pottery. Jane studied with Anna for a few years and eventually started entering her own creations in various art shows and competitions. Today, Jane now teaches willing students to dig and process native clay, learn the traditional process of coil building pots, and learn how to fire their creations in a pit the same way it would have been done in the traditional Southeast woodlands. She is a veteran of museum shows and Indian markets across the country. She's earned numerous awards and her work is featured in museum collections around the nation where she enters traditional SE Woodland inspired pottery, contemporary styled earthenware and Raku pottery. Jane says she has been blessed to have amazing teachers who have helped her to connect to the clay.

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